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From now on industrial bakeries will have quite a head start with the Easy Toast© line. Atomisation and injecting water into the flour with spray nozzles create an ultimately high absorption of water and flour. The pressurised injection results in a very balanced mixture of your dough. The flour drifts down whilst the water is gently injected in under high pressure. This technique offers advantages in many different ways. Easy Toast© creates a dough with a very equal structure and a high level of water absorption. This dough is ultimately suitable for tin bread in all its varieties. Toast is a popular food element in many different countries. Easy Toast© makes the toast’s structure so refined that there will no longer be any holes and will create a very consistent bread.

But there is more
The Easy Toast developers have managed to add many other positive features as a
result of their unique machine development. This includes an energy cost reduction of approximately 70%, which is associated with mixing and kneading, reduced personnel costs as a result of the extensive level of automation (2.400 to 10.000 loafs per hour!) and the increased use of water, which is bread’s most cost effective ingredient. Purchasing the Easy Toast© line will give you a system for more efficient production with numerous extra advantages. There are various different variants and possibilities on offer, enabling you to use the complete system line.

Easy profit!
A complete Easy Toast© line has been set up in our test bakery. This will give you every opportunity to go through a thorough test. You can make use of your own flour and your own recipes. We also offer the opportunity of baking your own bread. If you are interested in a test, then please call +31 (0)77 308 8321 and make an appointment.

Would you like to find out more about Easy Toast©? Then contact us on: +31 (0)77 307 1860 and ask for our sales department or email sales@easytoast.nl.






Using your loaf !

The Easy Toast concept from WP Haton has received nothing but a positive response!

Using your loaf

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